Tuberculosis (T.B)


T.B.(Tuberculosis) is a very common disease in our country. Incidence of pulmonary TB is highest. The information about this disease that most people have are symptoms like coughing and bleeding in the sputum. But it’s not true for abdominal tuberculosis and many times remains silent. Similar situation happened with this 22 year old male where he had been suffering from abdominal pain for three months. He visited a few doctors but the diagnosis could not be cracked. Which is often difficult to do due to intestinal complications. The trouble was growing, his well-wishers were upset and there was no redress. As the abdominal pain became unbearable, the super specialist Dr. Dhaval Mangukia was contacted and it was found out that he was diagnosed with abdominal TB. Due to this, the intestinal tract became constricted and this caused obstruction with bloating in the intestines and even ruptured from one place. Consent to surgery at such a young age was like cutting off a wrist for his parents. After adequate persuasion and taking the patient into confidence, the infection spread throughout the abdomen was cleared by surgery. The internal condition of the abdomen was so severe that intestinal repair was not possible. For which intestinal bypass (stoma) was resorted to. The first step was to avoid a fatal situation. The challenge now was to cure TB and reconnect the gut. Intestinal attachment was also performed after the condition was brought under control and T.B. Was also completely cured. The hardships of six months of life were a game of luck but the life that followed was the result of the hard work of doctors and their families.