Acid Injury

Acid Injury Treatment
SIDS Hospital Surat
Gastro Intestinal Corrosive Injury
Reconstruction after gastro intestinal corrosive Injury

Suicide is the end of one’s own body. Recently a very famous person committed suicide and the whole country was shaken. But do we know….? How many such cases happen around us every day. Such individuals who are involved in mental depression take different paths to the end of their body. In my career as a surgeon, many patients have come to me who have swallowed acid for suicide which lead to sever Gastro Intestinal Corrosive Injury. I am writing about one such patient here. A 30-year-old woman, a loving husband and a five-year-old daughter is the perfect picture for a happy family. But in a trivial matter, she swallowed a bottle of acid in anger. The path from the esophagus to the stomach and intestine were permanently damaged. A decision taken in an instant and an entire family scattered. She was rushed to a hospital but her injuries were serious. The esophagus and stomach were removed by immediate surgery and a pipe for food was placed in the intestine. My efforts saved her but she got the life as a dependent. Even saliva could not be swallowed due to permanently damaged food pipe and stomach, so there was no question of food. The whole family was engaged in her service. She often had to be hospitalised for minor or major problems. The only good thing was that now desire to live was back in her. Seeing this, I (Dr. Dhaval Mangukiya) decided to create a new way for food. This surgery was very major and more intensive than the previous one. A portion of the large intestine was used to replace the esophagus for food passage. This very complicated surgery lasted for six consecutive hours. Multiple anastomosis was made from the throat to the abdomen to completely rebuild the passage of food. The only question in her eyes in the ICU and ward after the surgery was when will I eat by mouth? Finally four days after the surgery When I was confident about her healing allowed her to drink water and eat food. She was taking oral water almost after one and half years. Acids are readily available in our country. Unfortunately, I have been performing at least ten such surgeries for gastro intestinal corrosive injury every year but fortunately I have managed to make them smile again and I give full credit to the tireless efforts and patience of the families of these patients.

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