Achalasia Cardia


Many diseases are very common but the problem is very complex. A similar disease known in medical language as  Achalasia Cardia in which the same symptom occurs. Prevent food from being swallowed down, which can also lead to difficulty in swallowing of fluids. Advanced methods have made it possible to diagnose and treat this disease without any cut, even with endoscopy. The disease was destined for a 36-year-old woman but getting rid of it was not easy. She underwent curative procedure by endoscopy but she had a problem with only one in a million such patients. Within a few days of treatment, the esophageal wall ruptured and the surrounding organs (lungs and heart) began to be affected by infection very badly. Instead of a treatment in which the patient was supposed to recover in a matter of hours, she went to the ICU, initially with oxygen and later with a ventilator support. Her husband, family and well-wishers bravely faced such a difficult situation. The understanding was overwhelming that what we had to do now was very life threatening. The hope in the eyes of a loving couple also gave me a lot of encouragement and again with a new passion, a surgical team lead by Dr. Dhaval Mangukiya set to work and to achieve a seemingly impossible goal in the operation theatre. In medical parlance it is said that healing does not occur when the infection is very bad and other organs also fail. With all these things in mind for this patient, all kinds of instruments and surgical skills were used wisely and the esophagus was repaired with the right decisions. A new way for food was also created. The fight continued for a few days even after the surgery with the team of doctors treating and the family praying. Eventually success was achieved and one by one every problem got better and health got better. Now when they met again the hope of their eyes now turned into immense joy.